About Us

Cottage Garden Flowers and Gifts was founded in 1979 and was taken over by us in 2007. In that time we have transformed the original Cottage Garden store to what it is today, a vibrant, eclectic shop that caters to private individuals and corporates alike with beautiful flowers and arrangements,  which we can design to suit all occasions. Enquire today about flowers for your next function or event.

A team of talented florists & designers

Our aim is to treat every client individually and cater to their personal flower needs for whatever occasion they need them for. We employ a talented team of five florists/designers who come up with designs to suit a wide variety of styles and tastes; from modern European through to the classics.

Our plan for the future is to stay ahead of the pack by combining innovation with an array of different styles, colours and designs, allowing us to meet the demands of the ever-changing corporate and personal clientele market. We give care and consideration to every client, providing them with an eclectic assortment of quality gifts and hampers.


David is an award winning designer who has demonstrated his art to florists and fans around the country, showing off the most current designs and colours, which change on a yearly basis. He is a member of the national florist industry and a recognised presenter and trainer who has a reputation for delivering incredible displays to accentuate any occasion.

David is one of the state’s most sought after designers for weddings, special functions and funerals.


With more than 20 years’ experience in horticulture, Philip has been responsible for creating beautiful gifts of orchids and other potted displays worthy of any special occasion. Together with David, Philip is responsible for the selection and management of Cottage Gardens and its fantastic displays. With a background in horticulture he prepares choice hand-selected plants for the home or office, and his knowledge of the living plant side of the business is invaluable to the keen gardener.

The Team

The rest of our team; Karen, Vicki, Christine, Jenny and Natalina form a dynamic quartet who will supply and meet any of your needs with laughter and total professionalism. Our team of designers offer various designs to suit different tastes.

We also pride ourselves on always delivering on time and within budget, often surpassing the most stringent expectations.

Chat to us about your flower requirements.